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OUR TRAiners

We are a group of experienced trainers, who have decided together to give clients more.

Depending on your preferences regarding your training programme, we are pleased to present to you the experienced trainer from Hancock Training, who you can select to perform your training course:

Trainer, consultant, manager, psychologist specialising in mentoring senior executives and also training in negotiation, sales, debt collecting, customer service, team management, presentations and public speaking, training in psychology applied to business and also the psychology of political marketing. He gained his experience in the fields of sales of financial services, debt collecting and managing the work of a team of salesmen working in the corporate and retail sections of the world's largest banks. He completed a television presenter's course in the Television Academy of Telewisja Polska. This experience enables him to run courses in presentations and public speaking. He specialises in the psycho-social techniques of manipulation and exerting influence used in management, negotiation, during presentations and public speaking. He belongs to the group of Image Creators working for politicians and business men. The trainings he runs are characterised by a high meritorical level, combined with an active engagement of the participants in the training process. Thanks to his experience in sales, starting from the level of salesman and ending as Department Director, he has a broad view of the problems arising in the process of managing sales and customer service. A wealth of practical knowledge, an interesting personality and the ability to get the best out of people are testament to his excellent skills as a trainer.

Academic lecturer, trainer, consultant for many companies in Europe, personal advisor on public speaking, author of courses for trainers, creator of the training method known a s maximum practice, maximum engagement, maximum fun. His first experience of running courses for business was when he was working as a lecturer for the London University in 1989. Since that time he maintains constant contact with his students and creates a programme of innovations in business management. Thanks to his earlier studies at Nottingham University, he learned the methods of business management in theory, and then had the opportunity to learn the practical side working for international concerns. He bases his trainings on professional experience, which he gained working for amongst others, Procter & Gamble, DSR Littlejohn, Du Pont de Nemours, Colographic PLC. Before setting up on his own, for several years he worked with the strongest consultancy-training companies in Great Britain. On the basis of his professional experience, and academic theoretical knowledge, he founded Hancock Associates Training', through which he has run training courses in Poland since 1995. Steve's training courses are highly regarded by participants, thanks to high quality, excellent contact with the groups and an English sense of humour.